Our Strategy

Since refocusing the business in early 2014 we have consulted organisations from health and social care, education, criminal  justice and workplace settings to find out what these sectors want and need from organisations providing mindfulness-based services.

We are committed to ensuring that the services we provide now and in the future are based upon what is valued by both the professional working in these sectors and the people they support. Now Unlimited have worked on arrange of pilot studies to provide an evidence base for our work in shaping our offer over the coming years.  These pilot studies have informed a strategy that will ensure our offer remains needs led and user –focused. As we move forward we will invite further comments and suggestions from stakeholders and interested individual and organisations to further refine our offer. We were delighted to have been supported by organisations working in the health and social care, education, criminal justice, public administration and corporate sectors and their contributions helped us to clarify our priorities as:

Providing opportunities for people to be part of a vibrant mindfulness community, and this has informed the work that is being done to improve the Now Unlimited website

 A new website that showcases our new branding and which is easy to use and navigate. The website will also offer regular new content around themes and tropics that are relevant to people interested in the application of mindfulness and opportunities for people to contribute

 Piloting a new online community as a place where people can come together to discuss and share effective practice around current issues affecting the application of mindfulness within different sectors. People will be able to register their interests and specify what information they want to receive from us and what we can draw their attention to

 We will complement the online community with opportunities for people to build networks in their own geographical area and we welcome opportunities to support people in planning and running local mindfulness events

 Providing mindfulness mentoring by encouraging more experienced mindfulness practitioners and trainers to support people new to mindfulness practice or those embarking on their teacher training. Mentors will be able to use this as part of their own CPD

 Offering a range of CPD opportunities that include webinars that focus on topical areas of interest. Courses in key areas of demand that complement the training and resources that are already available.  We want to encourage and support people in accessing learning and development opportunities as part of their mindfulness journey

 Providing off-the-shelf effective practice, with online toolkits to make them simple to implement and then use for reflective practice

 There will be a strong emphasis on research. We want to make sure people have access to high quality academic content, which is contextualised so that it can be applied to particular aspects of mindfulness practice

 Developing a more integrated approach to newsletters, the website and discussion forums

 Developing sector specific e-mail newsletters that draw together learning and development opportunities, articles, key discussion topics as well as news items and policy developments impacting on mindfulness

 Reviewing our governance structure so that communities of interest have representations and regular involvement in guiding strategic and operational planning. Users will be at the heart of everything we do and their views and opinions will have a central role in determining the future of Now Unlimited

Our aim is to create and maintain a vibrant and innovative organisation that makes a valuable contribution to ensuring that people have the support they need throughout their mindfulness journey.Swoosh