Practice At a Glance: Acting Wisely In a Tough Situation

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try you end up in a situation that can be testing. Our Practice At a Glance steps are aimed to help you keep acting wisely in a tough situation. Next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, remember these five simple, easy to follow steps to respond mindfully rather than react:


  1. Immediately on entering a challenging situation, the first thing to do is slow down, so you can see effectively and not be pulled into reaction.
  1. Take a moment to explore the terrain of the situation, ideally using both logic and feeling.
  1. When you find sufficient clarity or begin to get caught in loops of hesitation, it’s time to act, which requires a leap.
  1. When you act boldly there will be a feeling of resistance in different forms, so to complete what you started you need to relax, reaffirm your original intention, and hold your course.
  1. Then the time comes to let go, drop any preoccupation with your story of victory or defeat, and look out openly to see the next step.Swoosh