The Benefits of CPD

In recent years there has been a shift towards individuals taking more responsibility for their professional development and being able to do this is seen as a key strength.  Being able to track learning and see progression via CPD helps to build confidence and their credibility and provides clear evidence of achievement. Focusing on learning and development can not only help achieve your career goals it can also help you to cope better with change by identifying gaps in your knowledge and skills and addressing these. CPD promotes staff development which in turn leads to improved morale and motivation which has a positive impact on the image of the organisation.

More and more organisations are using CPD as a way of maximising staff potential by linking learning and development to organisational strategy and action plans. Professional Development is increasingly used as part of a valued appraisal process to address areas for improvement, broaden knowledge and awareness, up skill workers and can be considered a form of lifelong learning.

As a training provider Now Unlimited works with clients to help them set SMART (specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound) learning objectives for courses that are closely linked to the needs of the organisations.  We also deliver CPD accredited courses bearing the CPD Standards Office kite mark as part of our offer.

At Now Unlimited CPD is used to help staff to reflect upon and review their learning and update their knowledge and skills by providing an overview of their development  to date, reminding them of their achievements and how far they have progressed as well as identifying gaps in their capabilities. It also helps us to demonstrate our professional standing with clients and potential clients.