Developing Mindfulness In The Youth Sector


We want to enhance the professional and personal development of those working with young people. We are continually evaluating ways in which we can continue developing mindfulness in the youth sector. Our aim is to help those working with young people to:

Reflect upon the values and ethical frameworks that underpin their work

Recognise that working with young people is not a set of skills or techniques but a way of being

Respond differently to difficult situations, recognising they have a choice in how they respond

Engage more fully with aspects of their experience, resulting in increased awareness and understanding

Be more sensitive to other people, paying attention with empathy, presence and deep listening

Support personal and social development, helping others develop the insights, dispositions and skills needed to perfect their own ethical framework

Develop greater resilience, be better able to manage pressures and challenges


We provide opportunities for those working with young people to develop skills, gain knowledge and critically examine the attitudes that impact their work and the people they work with.


We provide consultancy and training that focuses on:

Increasing awareness and understanding of young people and young people’s mental health

Understanding how to manage relationships with young people

Handling “difficult” behaviour

Introducing young people to the concepts of mindfulness

An interesting article in the Huffington post outlines 5 ways to get started teaching mindfulness to teenagers.