Why Choose Now Unlimited?

We uniquely combine experience and academic research in the areas of personal and organisational development and mindfulness. We assist our clients in improving health, wellbeing and enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

Now Unlimited is a UK based Social Enterprise servicing Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire with mindfulness-based solutions to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations in the education, health and social care, criminal justice and workplace settings. We have developed our  Mindfulness At Work offer in response to the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group.


Our Mission

 To assist organisations in the private, public, voluntary and community sectors in experiencing the  well established benefits of mindfulness relating to managing and coping with stress, improving mental and physical health and well being.

 To use mindfulness based interventions to support organisations in creating happier, healthier and more productive working environments by:

 Lowering levels of work related stress and associated absence

 Improving employee resilience

 Improving staff performance and productivity

 Increasing job satisfaction and employee engagement

 Developing more effective decision making

 Enhancing creativity and leadership

 Making communication clearer and more effective

 Improving relationships and team working

 Addressing conflict in the workplace

 Creating more positive working environments


Mindfulness at a Glance

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to focusing our attention on the present moment on purpose and to accept what we experience without judgment i.e. without the filters of our thoughts and emotions…our judgments.   Mindfulness involves training the brain to pay attention to the present moment, to our thoughts and feelings and to the world around us. People who practice mindfulness report enhanced health and wellbeing, increased resilience and improved performance i.e. focus and concentration, creativity, problems solving and decision making.

Mindfulness at Work


How Can Now Unlimited Help?

Now Unlimited has been working with public, private and voluntary sector employers to introduce them to mindfulness and its role in the 21st century workplace. Our mindfulness training, mentoring and consultancy services have helped individuals and organisations to develop a greater awareness and understanding of:

 Mindfulness and mindfulness practices

 The stress reaction cycle and how it can be harnessed to achieve optimum performance

 The importance of emotional resilience – handling pressure and challenges to reduce stress

 Responding rather than reacting to situations

 Mindfulness-based approaches to problem solving and decision making

 Using mindfulness  to build and maintain collaborative working relationships

 Mindful leadership

 Applying mindfulness to the coaching and mentoring

 Integrating mindfulness into our daily lives at home and at work

 Using mindfulness  to support ethical decision making


What Does Unlimited Offer?

Now Unlimited deliver bespoke mindfulness based learning and support packages to help our clients implement mindfulness at work and change organisational culture. These can be delivered in house or at one of our venues and cater for and are developed collaboratively, beginning with a FREE consultation.Swoosh