Why Choose Now Unlimited?

We draw on over 30 years’ experience of working with children and young people in a variety of settings to provide mindfulness-based mentoring, training and consultancy services.  We also undertake research into the application of mindfulness and share the learning with other organisations.  We work directly with children and young people and deliver training and support to those who work with them.

Now Unlimited is a UK based Social Enterprise servicing Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire with mindfulness-based solutions to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations in the education, health and social care, criminal justice and workplace settings. We have worked with primary schools to develop our Primary Emotional Resilience Programme and have developed our Mindfulness in Education offer in response to the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group.


Our Mission

 To use help children and young people develop the skills, knowledge and attributes they need to succeed by introducing them to mindfulness

 To support teaching and learning in different settings, within the context of a wider community

  To influence thinking around the contribution that mindfulness can make to teaching and learning


Mindfulness at a Glance

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to focusing our attention on the present moment on purpose and to accept what we experience without judgment i.e. without the filters of our thoughts and emotions…our judgments.   Mindfulness involves training the brain to pay attention to the present moment, to our thoughts and feelings and to the world around us. People who practice mindfulness report enhanced health and wellbeing, increased resilience and improved performance i.e. focus and concentration, creativity, problems solving and decision making.

Working Mindfully with Individual Children and Young People

Our mindfulness-based approach helps children and young people to handle the pressures and challenges they face in life.  We are able to provide opportunities for them to talk about their experiences and to explore their thoughts and feelings, helping them to develop a greater awareness and understanding of themselves and their situation, and to develop the emotional resilience needed throughout their lives.

Working In Schools and Colleges

We are able to help support with the emotional wellbeing of their students.  We ensure we maintain regular contact with the schools, including providing regular feedback.  We are able to identify regularly occurring issues and will suggest learning and development opportunities for students and/or teachers that can contribute to improving the health, wellbeing and performance of students.

The Social and Emotional Well Being Of Young People and Their Carers; A Mindfulness Based Approach
A Free Resource

The Social and Emotional Well Being Of Young People and Their Carers; A Mindfulness Based Approach


How Can Now Unlimited Help?

We offer tailored support packages that lead to sustainable improvements by providing mindfulness-based services.  These include:

 Effective and personalised learning and development initiatives

 Access to expertise and the most up to date research

 Support for innovation through funded pilots to develop new approaches that have a positive impact on teaching and learning

 Programmes that positively impact on students – improving both attainment and personal and social development

Each school or college is appointed a relationship manager who will work with them to ensure their priorities are met by providing details of relevant learning events, pilots and initiatives.


What Does Unlimited Offer?

We can create a tailored package of support to meet the individual needs of a school or college. All Now Unlimited delivery staff undergo:

 Full DBS Check

 Safeguarding Training

 Monthly Clinical Supervision in line with the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers Code

 Bespoke training for continued professional development