Remembering To Be Mindful

Where is your mind right now?  How many times during the day are your mind and body together? Are you remembering to be mindful?

Perhaps your mind has a tendency to wander off, ruminating about the past, projecting into the future or getting caught up in the projects you are involved in. Mindfulness can help bring mind and body together and with this comes the potential for cultivating peace in our body, thoughts and emotions which leads to greater clarity and insight.  When you mind and body aren’t together it is like the hardware and software on your PC not communicating it just does not work

Mindful awareness is about paying attention to what is happening in the present moment without judgement.  Everyone has the capacity to become more mindful. There are times when we feel overwhelmed and confused and we don’t think clearly. We react rather than respond to situations, often out of habit, and as a result our speech and actions can cause additional pain for both ourselves and others.  With mindfulness our mind is more peaceful,  we are able to see things more clearly and are then better able to make the right decisions.

So how do you become mindful?  It is very simple but not at all easy. 

Now Unlimited delivers mindfulness-based approaches that draw upon Eastern teaching and wisdom as well as Western psychology theory and science, including neuroscience, to help people weave mindfulness into the fabric of their lives by learning how to cultivate mindfulness through formal and informal practices.

It starts with learning how to stop and remember that you have a body. Being mindful is the easy part, remembering to be mindful is more difficult.  For example I often forget about my body when I am working.  To address this I have downloaded an app of my PC and phone where a bell rings at intervals.  When the bell rings I stop and use my breath to get back in touch with my body and sensations and feelings.  Reconnecting with my body brings a feeling of solidity, calm and spaciousness.  I see things more clearly, and am able to see clearly how I need to respond to take better care of myself.  I schedule time for formal meditation practices each day and I endeavor to take a more mindful approach to day to day activities like eating, drinking, driving, housework and interacting with others.  I find that this helps me to get in touch with mindfulness more easily when life gets tough. Remembering to be mindful is a skill that takes practice, don’t worry if it takes time or you sometimes forget. Practice makes perfect!