We want to develop the field of social and emotional learning for young people in the United Kingdom. To do this we help young people to explore the values of non-violence, compassion, freedom, dignity, justice, tolerance, mutual respect, friendship, a faith in oneself and a love of the natural world by providing opportunities to look at these values within the context of both local and global issues, through basic moral challenges and by engaging them in debate.


We have a person-centred approach to working with young people and a client-centred approach to working with other organisations. This involves:

An initial unmet-needs analysis, which informs both the initial planning and subsequent changes, leading to clear outcomes for young people

Developing an awareness and understanding of local and national strategies and broader organisational objectives when devising the curriculum/programme

Developing a programme of activities that evidences the delivery of a range of learning opportunities as well as the confidence of face-to-face staff in delivering it

Delivering a programme of activities and events that demonstrate young people’s involvement in the planning, delivery and evaluation of these opportunities

Having in place a systematic approach to recording and evaluating the work and making changes based on feedback from users

More specifically, we recognise there is a need to:

Demonstrate through the curriculum and programme of activities a diverse range of accessible, recorded and, where relevant, accredited learning opportunities

Have in place a robust and systematic method of monitoring and evaluating the take-up of opportunities by young people and the outcomes derived, taking chances where necessary to improve take-up and outcomes

Ensure that the active involvement of young people is visible at the core of our organisation and it is reflected in all aspects of our youth offer


We offer an accredited mindfulness-based approach to education, helping young people to learn how to be and do in ways that mean something to them, and in doing so strengthen authenticity. Our aim is to help young people to be happy by achieving their potential to relate to the world in a positive way through:

Relating to others in ways that are mutually beneficial and by communicating effectively

Recognising and respecting difference

Developing resilience and determination

Recognising and realising their potential, understanding how they can make a difference

Working with others to co-create possibility, letting go of any need to dominate

Displaying creativity and imagination