Talking Mindfully to Children & Young People

Mindfulness underpins the way in which Now Unlimited works with children and young people, especially our interactions with them.  The way in which we talk to children and young people will not only impact on the way they behave but also on the nature of the relationship that you can develop with that young person. Talking mindfully to children & young people can help you to:

  • Pay attention to the different aspects of speech; what you say and the way that you say it.
  • Listen to the way that other people speak; focus your attention on how they talk rather than on what they say.
  • Speak clearly and use language carefully.
  • Slow down slightly and pay attention to what you are saying.
  • Simplify what you are going to say.
  • Pay attention to the space around the words, not just the words themselves; focusing on the rhythm and the silences that are involved in talking.