Working Mindfully

Many people see work as something that gets in the way of living, an inconvenience or a problem, and something they have to battle against each day. For others work can be an addiction, a way of overcoming feelings of inadequacy and nothing more than a source of amusement and fun. So how can you start working mindfully to prevent this from negatively impacting on your health and well being and performance?

From personal experience and from working with a broad range of organisations I have found it helps to recognise and accept that work is uncertain and that anything can and does happen and to trust that I will be able to adapt to whatever arises. Working mindfully has helped me to balance the effort I put into being relaxed and fully present to what is happening now with planning for the future, allowing wider and focused perspectives to sit side by side and most importantly remaining open to other options or opinions.

Mindfulness has also helped me to become more fully myself. I now have a natural sense of well-being and confidence, and stopped relying on other people’s approval a long ago. Instead I engage directly with whatever arises by bringing my mind and body together. Mindfulness has also helped me to find and remain in touch with my values and as a result I am more honest with myself and others, I no longer feel the need to apologise for being straight talking and nor do I feel the need to play safe. Mindfulness has helped me to be kinder to myself and other people, to accept and deal with difficulties, to be more focused and less distracted, and to be in the present moment rather than ruminating about past problems or projecting into the future. I know where I am going but at the same time I appreciate and respect where I am right now.

Mindfulness has helped me to perform well, even when dealing with pressures and challenges at home and at work. I am less forgetful. I have established a morning routine that involves mindful walking followed by a cup of coffee, which I drink mindfully. This gets the day off to a good start. I have come to accept that there are aspects of my job that I find boring and I use these to help me to slow down. I am also open to the reality that I do not need to know everything. I no longer see managing my workload as simply getting through it

Most importantly, mindfulness helps me to develop and maintain good relationships with others. I recognise my weaknesses and instead of beating myself up, I see these as opportunities for growth. I take the time to get to know people and what is important to them, what they are passionate about. I have found this approach has helped me to avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict but when I do have to confront others I try my best to do so in a calm way.

Being mindful allows you to discover that who you are and where you are is unlimited …and that is why the name of my business is Now Unlimited!