Why the World Needs Mindful Leaders

Competitive companies have many facets and nuances that make them who they are, but frequently they have an inherent understanding of the enormous pressures faced by their employees; from their leadership down.
Recognising the need to take more time to reflect on what’s most important allows them to create ways to overcome difficult challenges. We all need to find ways to sort through the myriad of demands and distractions we face in our personal and professional lives. It is especially important that leaders can make critical decisions with clarity and focus. Is this enough in the 21st century or do we need more mindful leaders?

At Now Unlimited we believe that creativity to transform businesses, compassion for employees and customers and the courage to make (what can be) tough decisions that set an enterprises direction are also key elements. These are the qualities that give today’s best leaders the resilience to cope with the many challenges landing at their doors and the resolve to sustain long-term development, culture change and ultimately success. Although it may sound simple; the panacea that eludes many senior members of staff is the ability to think clearly and to focus on the most important elements of a situation.

Proven to increase emotional intelligence, the importance of mindfulness in focusing the mind’s cognitive abilities and linking them to human qualities such as compassion and courage is increasingly gaining traction in the business world. Cultivating this focus can be innate amongst those with a pre-disposition to be a great leader but for many it requires establishing regular practices that allow the brain to fully relax and release the anxiousness, confusion, and pressures that are all too familiar in the workplace. We can all become mindful leaders.

Transforming a hectic and challenging work environment into a pocket of space, where you can be fully present, acknowledging and letting go of distractions, recognising our skills and those of the people around us can improve relationships through deeper, more meaningful connections.

The potential to lead with excellence is in each of us; we all possess the capability to be focused, operate with clarity, cultivate creativity and embody compassion. There is an understanding that we can increase the capacity of our body through training to make us more resilient, flexible and stronger. Neuroscience increasingly illustrates that we can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacity. Mindful Leadership is, put simply; training for the mind. With dedication and practice, you can transform yourself to be in disposable and influential within
your organisation.