The Social and Emotional Well Being Of Young People and Their Carers

Supporting the development of young people’s underlying social and emotional capabilities is a strong theme in the Government’s Positive for Youth Strategy.

Providing Mindfulness based approaches and interventions across the East Midlands (mainly Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire) means we frequently encounter a wide variety of opportunities and clients. Now Unlimited are also registered as a Social Enterprise in the UK and we have developed our strategy to retain this feature at the core of the business. We are constantly developing information sheets, sharing research into mindfulness (our own and that of others) and expanding our free to access resources (such as this audio content) for the benefit of those interested in mindfulness.

All of the resources we offer relate to our areas of business; Mindfulness for Individuals and Mindfulness for Organisations because we take our clients on their mindfulness journey via these routes. Furthermore our Mindfulness for Organisations encompasses Mindfulness at Work (organisational development) as well as being adapted for those in client facing roles. Now Unlimited have used the classifications from the All Parliamentary Group On Mindfulness  as we believe this encompasses are areas of work and the Governments agenda.

The Social and Emotional Well Being Of Young People and Their Carers; A Mindfulness Based Approach is another example of our Social Enterprise ethos and mindful approach to doing business. We hope that by sharing our learning you will be inspired in your work and consider adding to your professional skills base. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us!

The aim of the report is to provide an overview of a project introducing the concept of Mindfulness to young people with physical and learning disabilities and supporting programme developed with their teachers and carers. There is an increasing interest in how mindfulness might be used in work with young people in schools and in youth groups. To date most of the research has come from America although both Bangor University and Leeds University are looking at the effectiveness of an adult-designed schools-based curriculum.

“There has been very little research into work with young people with disabilities or into approaches that do not reflect the prescriptive methodologies embodied in the mainstream Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy programmes.”

The project focused on the small scale trial of novel person-centred approach to the development of non-cognitive skills in a group of young people, using the individuals’ own interests and experiences of ‘being in the moment’ to raise their awareness of the benefits of more mindful states. The report outlines the context and rationale for the project before going on to describe the approach taken and to the outcomes and outputs and ends by providing a number of recommendations for how the work is developed.

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The Social and Emotional Well Being Of Young People and Their Carers

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